Chris Ford
Last Week of Academic Classes: June 1-4 (and Other Updates)

Good morning students, 

As we come to the conclusion of the academic year, I wanted to thank you all for your engagement, persistence and voice as we moved through a challenging year. While we certainly haven't come to resolution with all the issues that have been raised, I believe we are making progress. I expect to see reports from the school system in the coming weeks.

We are also anxiously awaiting announcement of the next leader of BSA. I hope you will be as encouraged by this person as I am; great heart and wonderful artist and just what the community needs at this point.

The title of this message promised information about the concluding week of classes. And here it is:

Although in years past, we have used several days for arts juries at this time of year, the arts leadership agreed that it would be advisable to limit the time spent in arts juries and provide that time to the academic side as we wrap up the year.

Our plan for June 1 to 4:  
1. Your arts departments will communicate what, if any, final evaluations will occur in the arts. They will take place in time dedicated to arts classes and Wednesday, June 2. There will be no Lab Wednesday on the 2nd, just arts evaluations. We will not hold arts classes in our "regular" schedule.

2. Academic classes will continue during June 1-4. This is a last opportunity to catch up and turn in any work that might be missing or speak with teachers to agree upon ways to improve your grade. Please be sure to attend your academic classes June 1 through 4.

Please refer to Mr. Askey's communications about exams. We have decided to open the possibility of exemption from final exams for students with satisfactory grades. Students with struggling grades (below 70) need to study for and take their exams. We want you to have the opportunity to show what you've learned over the course of the year in this instance.

Mr. Askey's message from May 14th is below:

You will test virtually on the dates and times below. 

Monday June 7th

ELA  9-10

Math 10:30-11:30

SS 12-1

Tuesday June 8th

Science 9-10

FOCS/Health 10:30-11:30

Spanish 12-1

Wednesday June 9th

Any make-up exams

Important and new exam exemption information!!!

3. Students with an expected FINAL grade of 70% or higher will be allowed to be exempt from their exams. Your final grade will be 50% your 1st semester grade and 50% the average of your 3rd and 4th quarter grades. Please consult with your teacher as needed to get clarity on this piece.

4. Like with your midterms, exams are only meant to help you! If you attempt an exam, your grade cannot go below 50%. Additionally, if the final grade will not help boost your final grade, it will not be counted!

5. If your grade is above 70% and you would still like to take the final exam, you are more than welcome to do so. Please inform your teacher of this desire and work with them accordingly.

Chris Ford