Chris Ford
Update from BSA

Dear Parents, 

Thanks so much for the great turn-out on Monday to hear about the return to limited in-person learning for some 9th grade students. 


We have been collecting your responses and building out the pods of students and staff that will begin on March 15. The school system pushed their deadline for identifying both so we have a little more time to breathe. I’ll be reaching out to families as soon as possible to communicate who will be asked back as well as informing those who we can’t serve in the first group.


I’m writing today to invite you to another BSA community meeting on Tuesday evening, February 16 at 6:30.


As Imbie shared in the invitation, we’ll be talking about the following items:

  • School Reopening - Chris Ford
  • Student Support - Mary Evans
  • School Family Council - Trish Pilla
  • Development Update - Brigid Zuknick
  • Spring DEI Plan - Roz Cauthen
  • 2021-22 School Budget - Chris Ford

Most of these items will be updates to topics to which you’ve had some exposure already. 


From my perspective, the new news will be around the 2021-22 BCPS budget.  We received the resources & costs info this morning. At the Tuesday meeting we will be sharing our draft staffing and spending plans for next year. Based on your comments and the draft, we will submit in late February or early March. Subsequently there will be a follow-up with you to share the budget as submitted.


As many of you know, the BCPS funding accounts for about 2/3rds of the total cost of providing education to the BSA community, with the other 1/3rd coming from private fundraising led by our BSA Development Team, headed by Brigid Zuknick.  I’m happy to say that they have been doing wonderful work and we are in a good position to meet our goals.


The budget discussion in Tuesday’s meeting will be solely about the BCPS funding.


I look forward to seeing you in virtual space on Tuesday evening.


All the best,

Chris Ford