Chris Ford
Last Day of Classes

Dear Students,

As we come to the last day of classes for the year, I wanted to congratulate each of you for staying with this new way of doing school. You've shown perseverance and flexibility to an extent that is simply amazing! We are all so very proud of you. 

A reminder that you can turn in work through Monday afternoon--try to make the most of this strange situation by earning as many bonus points as you can!

I have several topics that I'd like to touch upon and hope that you'll take care to read this whole message. That perseverance thing. . .

Your Distance Learning Experience
First, as you are the most expert in distance learning from the student perspective, I'd like to ask for your thoughts about how it was for you.

What did you like or not like?
     Recorded lectures?
     Working by yourself?
     Ability to see lectures when you wanted?
     Not being in classroom situations?

What did you miss from the "normal" BSA experience?

If, in the fall, we come back to some blend of in-school & on-line classes, what is your advice?  
What are the big things that need to change?  
What are the smaller things that are annoying?

I really hope you'll write so your voice can be added to the mix as we try to imagine a safe way to come back, as we move to a new normal.

Summer School
You'll soon receive a letter from Counselor Abby McKelvey about summer school--both making up credits after not passing a class & taking a class to get future credit. This summer will be all online for BCPS. We're thinking about how we can help students succeed in that on-line space.

Device Return-Not
If you have a computer/IPad device from BSA, you may keep it over the summer, as we will likely be using it to a greater or lesser degree next fall. No need to come to school to drop BSA computers off.

Next Fall
I'll be sending a letter out soon about our plans for next fall. Unfortunately, there is little that is sure at this moment.

A few things we do know:

  • We know that many of the traditional arts classes struggle to be authentic in an on-line space.  
  • We know that many of our classrooms are small to begin with, and are really small when a 6' separation is needed.
  • We know that a big value of BSA is students being with students, as well as students being with teachers.

How do we take those facts and work them to make a satisfying and authentic experience for you? That is our struggle in the coming weeks, as we discover the plans of the city and state school organizations and try to make them work for you in our environment.

Know that we all want the best for you and your BSA experience going forward. Please write with your thoughts and please finish the school year strong.

Stay safe and engaged with our community over the summer. You've done an amazing job these last few months!

Chris Ford