Chris Ford
Week 3 BSA Update

Hello Students,


I hope you and your loved ones are doing well in our sixth week of school closure.  It seems like such a long time since we’ve been together at 712 Cathedral. You’ve completed the third week of distance learning. I hope you’re navigating the on-line school life okay at this point.


Device Distribution Monday

BSA will offer IPads for loan to students again Monday morning from 10 to noon. Please remember to wear a mask when coming inside the school building.

Class Schedule Adjustments

We are looking at some slight revisions to the course schedule to remove some of the conflicts. You’ll receive an update about these adjustments soon.


Third quarter report cards

I hope you were able to review these through your Infinite Campus portal. If you need a scanned copy sent, please request through


Fourth quarter classwork and grades

You can improve your year-end grades for the 19-20 school year by up to 6 points through classwork or BCPS projects. Talk with your teachers about the work and the scoring rubrics.


Voting changes

I know we have a number of older students who are registered voters. Changes to two upcoming elections:

As a reminder, the State declared that the approaching special general election

for the 7th congressional district on Tuesday, April 28th will be conducted by mail-in

voting with limited in-person voting. The election date serves as a deadline for

returning ballots and will not be a State required holiday. The presidential primary

election scheduled for Tuesday, April 28thwill be moved to Tuesday, June 2nd. This

election will be conducted by mail-in voting with limited in-person voting and this

new date serves as a deadline for returning ballots. 


Virtual Art Resources

You might enjoy some of these virtual tour art resources while staying home.

Walters Art Museum Baltimore         

Smithsonian Museum

I particularly liked this one     

Latino Murals in DC

Louvre Museum

Louis Armstrong Home Museum

Merce Cunningham Dance

Millenium Stage @ the Kennedy Center

And finally, because you don’t need a fancy set-up for great art

Tiny Desk Concerts


Wishing you peace & health,

Chris Ford