Carter Polakoff
More Information about Gotta Dance

Good Morning  Parents- Yesterday, you should have received an email about Gotta Dance- a BSA adult friend-raiser at the school that has always been a big hit and is a lot of fun!!!  

A lot of people are curious- what is this mysterious event? 

Notes about this event are as follows:

Guests arrive at 6:30 pm- sip on a beverage and have a few bites of food. At 7:30 pm, we all go into a classroom and learn a few FUN dance moves. (jazz, hip-hop, salsa, and country line dancing). Following the class, everyone goes into the Ballroom and demonstrates their new moves to the other guests. Most people are doing this all for the first time so it isn't meant to be anything more than a fun night and it concludes in plenty of time to be home at a reasonable time!

Dance partners are not required and, as I like to always say, two left feet are encouraged.

 Please also consider introducing the school to someone new in the community as this is an informal way to be in the school without a lot of pressure to do anything more than smile for a few hours.

Date: Friday, November 8th At 6:30 pm. Tickets: $40 

Ticket Link: