Carter Polakoff

The following robocall recently was sent to all parent. We are, in fact, still in the very final stages of a lockdown. We anticipate lifting that within minutes. Please know everyone is safe.

We will continue to update you.


From: Fullerton, Anne E <>

Date: Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 11:46 AM

Subject: Robocall for BSA families

To: Lane, Abigail M. <>

Cc: <>

Hello, this is Baltimore City Public Schools, calling for School for the Arts families. The school was placed on lockdown briefly this morning, after a trespasser was reported to have entered the building. All safety protocols were followed, and all students and staff members are safe.  The building was thoroughly searched by police, and no intruder was found. Again, students and staff at Baltimore School for the Arts are safe, the building is secure, and the school day is now resuming on its regular schedule. Thank you.