Can a parent invite other parents to the directory?

Each school can decide whether or not parents can invite other parents to the directory. This setting is controlled through the Admin/Settings page. By default, it is turned on, allowing parents to invite other parents.

When a user views a student page for a student that currently does not have any parent contact information in the directory, and they have the appropriate rights, they will see a parent invitation form. The form allows asks for a first name and an email address of the parent to be invited. Once the form is successfully completed, the following will happen:

  1. The invited parent is sent an email from the person that filled out the invitation form.
  2. The email asks the invitee to click a button in the email to add their contact information to the directory.
  3. When the invitee clicks the button, they are taken to a form where they can complete their contact information and whether or not the student lives with them
  4. Once this form is successfully completed, the parent contact information will be added to the directory and linked to the student.
  5. The invited parent can then choose to either add contact information for another parent or register as a user.