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Message about Change of Out-of-Class Work Due Time and Online Learning Opportunity (Unapologetically Black) This was sent to students & staff on Friday, October 2. View File (PDF)
Attendance Expectations & Policies for Lab Wednesdays This was sent to students & staff on Friday, October 9. View File (PDF)
Schedule for Wednesday 10/14 Good afternoon all! Attached is the schedule for tomorrow's (10/14) Lab Wednesday. As I stated earlier, the offerings are pared down so we can accommodate parent/teacher conferences. If teacher conference slots are full, I please ask that you reach out directly to the teachers themselves and see if an alternate time can be arranged to meet. I know demand outstrips supply of time here, so we are being flexible and understanding of everyone's schedule. Thanks in advance for your patience. Because of the parent/teacher conferences, the district is asking us to follow the asynchronous attendance protocol. To that end. I sent each BSA student a Google Form just now they will need to fill out tomorrow as a way to get marked present for the day. I will start accepting responses to the form tomorrow around noon. There are still synchronous sessions where attendance will be taken as well, but the form will be the primary method for tomorrow's attendance. That is not how it will be done going forward, but rather is the accommodation specifically for tomorrow. In your interactions with them tomorrow, please gently remind them to complete the form. We did also refresh some of the asynchronous options for students at the bottom of the attached document so students can explore those links and videos as well. As always, thanks for being partners with us as we navigate so much of this unknown together. We genuinely appreciate your feedback and voice in this process. Take care and have a great afternoon. Tom View File (PDF)
Parent/Academic Teacher Conferences 10/14 Good afternoon parents! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Attached are the sign-up genius links to meet with your child's academic teachers. The conferences are taking place from 1pm-3pm in 10 minute blocks. Please sign up now for times to chat with those teachers. Some teachers have some reduced times as they are also conducting some of our most popular Lab Wednesday sessions as well. The Zoom links next to the teacher's name are for the conferences once Wednesday arrives. Please follow those links at the time of your conference. If spots fill up, I would kindly ask that you see if you can set something up with teachers during their daily office hours (except Wednesday) from 230-330 by contacting them directly. The time and the spots are limited so we are doing our absolute best to be accommodating for everyone. Thanks again and please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. I will send along the reduced Lab Wednesday schedule for the 14th tomorrow. Tom Askey View File (PDF)
Schedule for Wednesday 10/7 Good afternoon parents! I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious fall weather!!! Attached is a copy of tomorrow's (10/7) Lab Wednesday schedule. There are quite a bit of offerings this week and we are really proud of the diverse sessions that we hope will engage students through a variety of interests and formats. Per the district's shifting guidelines, students will need to attend a minimum of 3 sessions to be marked fully present for the day and 2 sessions to marked half-day present for the day. All students in Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry will need to attend the 11am iReady assessment session. This will count for their attendance in one session. Please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the day. Take care Tom Askey View File (PDF)
Schedule for Wednesday 9/30 Good afternoon parents! Please see the attached schedule for tomorrow's (9/30) BSA Lab Wednesday. We added some additional presentation sessions for students to attend this week. Please take a look at them and encourage your children to attend them. The district is shifting their attendance gathering procedures going forward for Wednesday's so we need students to attend at least 2 sessions to get marked present for the day. Thank you for understanding that these shifts are happening at the district level and we are doing our best to give students relevant and interesting programming as well as supplemental academic support sessions to make their Wednesday's engaging and relevant. Like with last week, students who have been identified by their teachers as benefiting from the supplemental supports will receive emails from me this afternoon. Lastly, the October monthly parent meeting is happening at 6:30pm on Monday, October 12th. Link and information is below. https://us02... Meeting ID: 890 3828 6456 Passcode: 8ShPL9 As always, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any additional comments, concerns, or questions. Tom Askey View File (PDF)
Updated BTS Schedule Good afternoon- Attached is an updated BTS schedule with a few new links. Please use this document and I look forward to seeing everyone this evening. Tom View File (PDF)
Schedule for 9/23 Good evening parents- Attached is the schedule for tomorrow's Lab Wednesday. The first presentation of our anti-racist workshops will be at 11am tomorrow with a presentation by Dr. Lawrence Brown for all BSA students. They received a link to the presentation as well as a link to a Baltimore Equity Kit and a Power Mapping interactive feature. After Dr. Brown's presentation, there will be a variety of supplemental support sessions for students to get more personalized attention from their teachers. Please refer to the document attached for the accurate times. Teachers did recommend students to me that they believed would really benefit from being in those sessions so those students received a personal email from me around 5:30pm this evening. That said, we highly encourage all students to attend one or more of the sessions. As we get into the swing of the quarter more, these are going to become important pieces of the work we do to help students stay engaged, on top of their work, and interacting with their peers and our faculty. Thanks again to everyone who turned out for our first monthly parent meeting last night and if you missed it, please be on the lookout for our October meeting. Lastly, we cannot wait for you to join us for Back-to-School Night tomorrow night. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Tom Askey View File (PDF)
BSA Back-to-School Night 9/23 Good afternoon parents!!! Happy Monday and I hope everyone is enjoying these lovely fall temperatures! Attached are the details of our virtual BSA back-to-school night this upcoming Wednesday the 23rd. It begins at 5pm with a quick opening by the administrative team, then some time with art department heads and then into meetings with academic teachers starting at 5:30pm. The teacher presentations are 10 minutes long and will give you an opportunity to see get a glimpse into the academic classes your children are taking with us. If there is time, there may be an opportunity to answer generalized class questions. They are not contiguous sessions so you will need to identify your child's classes and teachers and follow those links at the correct times listed. I did build in some blocks where there are no offerings for 10 minutes so we can help to make sure we stay on track time-wise. Additionally, Ms. Evans and I will have open times to chat throughout the evening about student support topics, technology issues. or academic concerns. Please do not hesitate to pop into our sessions to chat with one of us. If you cannot make it, we will make sure all the sessions are recorded and they will be uploaded to the google site by the end of the week as well. Have a great evening and let me know if there is anything you need from us. Be well. Tom Askey View File (PDF)
Schedule for Wednesday 9/16 Good evening parents- Please see the attached schedule for the events of tomorrow (9/16). For students in Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II, there are mandatory district diagnostic assessment times that they need to attend based on who their respective teachers are for that class. The document is clear about times and Zoom links. When these moments arise now and in the future, we want to get these tasks completed on Wednesdays so there are no interruptions to instruction on the other four days. If there are private music lesson conflicts, please attend the lesson and we will work out a time for the diagnostic to be administered on an individual basis. Additionally. City Schools is updating their Zoom security protocols starting on Thursday the 17th. All BSA students received an email from Mr. Ventimiglia about it this afternoon, but it is essential that they read it and follow the steps to log into their City Schools Zoom account using their BSA email if they have not done so already. Around 90 students had not used their BSA email accounts for their classes and they received an additional email from Mr. Ventimiglia as well. If this doesn't happen by the start of classes on the 17th, they will not be able to access their classes so we want to get this ironed out before then. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Tom Askey View File (PDF)
Schedule for Wednesday 9/9 Good evening BSA parents! Welll..we made it through the first day! There were definitely some bumps, but it was so great to see so many new and returning faces as we popped in and out of classes. We genuinely appreciate your patience-past, present, and future-as we navigate this unknown terrain together. Tomorrow is the district named Lab Wednesday therefore there are not classes as there were today. The virtual schedule will resume on Thursday (9/10) with periods 1-5. A copy of tomorrow's (9/9) schedule is below and there are links for students to join a variety of sessions as well as some asynchronous opportunities for your kids with links. We highly encourage students to join Mama Maria at 330 for her meditation session. While these sessions are not mandatory this week because of the new nature of the programming of the kick off to the year, we highly encourage students to engage with their teachers during their posted hours, attend the sessions, and engage in some virtual fellowship. Per the district, there will likely be some shifts to attendance and engagement on Wednesday's coming down the pike, but we will keep you posted on that front once we know more. Thanks again. Welcome back to those who were with us in previous years! Welcome to those new families! See you all in the morning. Tom View File (PDF)
BSA VIrtual Learning FAQ Good afternoon BSA parents! Happy almost Labor Day weekend! Virtual school is nearly upon us and we have been working so hard to make sure the experience is as seamless as possible given everything that is happening! I am so proud of the work that has been done by our staff, students, and parent community to help us get to this place. There will be bumps, but I am confident we will weather them and move forward with the overall health and well-being of your children resting at the front of all our decisions. Please take a look at the BSA Parent FAQ sheet that is attached. Hopefully it will allow you to get some answers and links to questions as we prepare for Tuesday the 8th. I am indebted to my team and folks across the school community for helping us to think about the information and answers you need to know as we progress forward. If you have any questions, please please do not hesitate to reach out to myself, Dr. Ford, or Ms. Evans. We are here for you in this time and will do our absolute best to get you the answers and the peace you may need. Be well. Tom View File (MS WORD)
Parent/Student Orientation Notes Dear Parents/Students, Attached is the orientation notes from orientation sessions. Chris Ford View File (PDF)
CORRECT FINAL BSA Virtual Schedule & Arts Schedule Good afternoon parents- There was a slight error in the most recent corrected virtual schedule that was just sent out. My sincere apologies for that. I know it is a challenging time so we appreciate your patience and grace. Below is the correct sequence and times of our BSA virtual schedule. Additionally, there is a PDF of the virtual arts schedule attached as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there are any questions, comments, or concerns. Tom Askey Monday/Thursday (Group A) Period 1: 9:00am – 10:00am Period 2: 10am-1055am Period 3: 1055am-1150am Period 4: 1150am-1245pm Lunch: 1245-135pm Period 5: 135pm-230pm Academic Office Hours/Optional Arts Practice 230pm-330pm Tuesday/Friday (Group B) Period 6: 9:00am – 10:00am Period 7: 10am-1055am Period 8: 1055am-1150am Period 9: 1150am-1245pm Lunch: 1245-135pm Period 10: 135pm-230pm Academic Office Hours/Optional Arts Practice 230pm-330pm View File (PDF)
BSA 20-21 Parent & Student Handbook Attached. View File (PDF)
Chromebook Flyer Attached. View File (PDF)
Class Schedule for the beginning of 20-21 School Year Please ignore the previous attachment. Period 6 is designed to be at the end of the day, that way the afternoon arts periods 7-10 can operate without interruption. Here is the revised schedule/letter. Chris Ford View File (PDF)
Class Schedule for the beginning of 20-21 School Year Please read the attached letter. Chris Ford View File (PDF)
BSA Rubric for 6 Bonus Points attached. View File (PDF)
GAFE Updated Terms of Service And attached is the PDF file that also has link to the permission form at the bottom of the last page. Chris Ford View File (PDF)
Google Apps for Education Permission Form Dear Families, Please read the attached document and fill out the form at the bottom of the last page. Chris Ford View File (PDF)

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